John Durkan

Sustainability and Environmental Manager, ABP Food Group

John Durkan holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science, a Master of Science in Waste Management and an MBA in Business Management. 

John is the Environmental and Sustainability Manager for ABP for over 30 years and has developed ABPs’ Sustainability policy over the past eight years. ABP views sustainability as a key business metric, one that provides positive outcomes, improves competitiveness and makes sound business sense. He has implemented many accredited systems within the processing sites to deliver sustainability e.g. ISO 14001 , ISO 50001 & Carbon Trust Water, Carbon and waste Standard and European Water Stewardship standard to good effect. 

In today’s business environment, resource inputs are costly and their efficient usage is warranted. ABP’s campaign ‘Doing More with Less’ has commenced the decoupling of resource inputs to productivity. These resources include water, electricity, fuels, and other inputs. 


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