Vetrivel Dhagumudi

Global Water Program Leader, Kimberly-Clark

Vetrivel Dhagumudi works as a Global Program Leader at Kimberly-Clark Corporation.  As a program leader he manages the enterprise-wide water reduction goals, through which fresh water usage has been reduced by 13 billion gallons to date and WaterLoupe, an interactive water management tool along with Deltares which allows users to assess water risk for an entire watershed as well as for a specific sector and sub-group over 30 years, has been developed. He has also developed a model to establish context based water targets for sites located in high water stress regions. 

Vetri also provides leadership across the enterprise and serves as the central point of contact for any and all interfaces on the subject of water & wastewater. During his tenure, Vetri led the organization to formulate long-term sustainability goals for water & solid waste management and high-level strategy execution to support them.  Vetri has a Master’s degree in Environmental Resource Engineering and has also written and published papers on water reuse for industrial applications at various conferences. 

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