Claire Sharp

Customer Director, Northumbria Water Group

Claire is Northumbrian Water’s customer director.  She is responsible for driving the organisation’s ambitious unrivalled customer experience strategy, which looks beyond the water industry to deliver world class service to 4.5 million customers in the north east and south east of England. 

Recognised for her inspirational and award winning leadership, Claire spearheaded a cultural transformation programme which included a multi-million pound investment in technology and the creation of a new target operating model reflecting Northumbrian Water’s vision to be the leader in sustainable water and wastewater services.  This currently includes a global sector first to eradicate water poverty and the rapid evolution to digital across the customer service operation.

With a career across the water industry spanning over three decades, Claire’s portfolio includes strategic and operational leadership of water networks, customer, communications, marketing and organisational development teams.  She is heavily involved in Northumbrian Water’s industrial and employee relations activities which form part of the company’s Great Place to Work strategy.

Claire has a Business Studies degree, and a Masters in Leadership.  She is a Board member of RWD Ltd, the company which oversees independent disputes resolution for the water industry in England and Wales.

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