Digital Futures Symposium

Digital Transformation Best Practice

Hosted by GWI’s Utility Performance Network

Session 4 – Digital Transformation Best Practice

24th November 2020 | 3pm GMT

This session will draw together key learning points from the three previous sessions in the Symposium and link them to a discussion of best practice recommendations for future digital strategy and transformation.  

As a strategic initiative for continuous improvement, the digital journey does not have a defined end point. How does one define success in terms of Digital Transformation?  

While the end point is anyone’s guess, the pace and ease of digital transformation is significantly impacted by three strategic considerations: People, Process, and Technology. In this session, leading early adopters from across Europe and the Americas discuss how meaningful changes in organisational culture, regulation and policy, and agile approaches to innovation and technology can  enable utilities to work out what the ‘next 10 feet’ should look like as they embark on the long-term move to digital across their organisations. 

Session Chair


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