Cor Merks

Managing Consultant International Water and Climate

Cor has contributed to 100+ water utility infrastructure projects worldwide, bringing in-depth knowledge and experience on groundwater abstraction, surface water intake, water treatment, reservoirs, pumping stations, distribution systems, and indoor water efficiency.  He has been taking care of water from source to consumers’ tap throughout his career, that spans 30+ years.   

Cor has been assisting water utilities, water works and municipalities in Africa, Asia, Europe, and in the Gulf region.  Having worked as a researcher, certification engineer, engineering consultant, three times as a water utility department manager, technology provider and managing consultant, Cor brings a broad understanding of the complexities and challenges that a new water system brings to the Client’s engineers and operations staff.  He is an expert on advanced water treatment technologies including innovative ion exchange technologies, membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, advanced oxidation with ozone or with ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide (UV/H2O2), and granular activated carbon. 

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