Chuck Cullom

Manager of Colorado River Programs, Central Arizona Project

Chuck Cullom is Central Arizona Project’s (CAP) Manager of Colorado River Programs, primarily focusing on developing and implementing policies and projects that protect and enhance CAP's Colorado River water supply.  

Currently, Chuck is working on plans to develop new water supplies from local, regional, and international projects to augment the Colorado River system. Projects include local and international desalination efforts, snowpack augmentation, Colorado River demand reduction, and conservation efforts. In addition, he leads CAP’s participation Colorado River environmental protection and enhancements through the Lower Colorado River multi-species conservation program.  

Chuck has more than 25 years’ experience developing and managing surface and groundwater resources in Arizona and across the Colorado River Basin.  He has led design, construction and operation of underground storage (recharge) projects, and surface storage facilities, as well groundwater development and recovery of the stored water. Prior to joining CAP in 2001, Chuck worked for Bookman-Edmonston Engineering and for the Arizona Department of Water Resources. 

Chuck earned his Master’s of Science degree in Geology from Northern Arizona University and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geology from the University of Arkansas. 

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