Dileep Agnihotri

CTO, WaterSurplus

Dr. Dileep Agnihotri is the the Chief Technology Officer at Watersurplus. He manages innovations, technology development, field-validations, process-engineering, and in parallel leads market segment for industrial customers in food and beverage industry. His expertise encompasses membranes, media, water-chemistry, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, system engineering, high-recovery desalination and hydrophilic coatings. 

Prior to Watersurplus, Dileep founded Advanced Hydro, Inc. to commercialized a novel membrane technology and developed a patent pending open architecture turn-key UF/RO systems design for treatment of wastewater in the oil and gas industry. He also served as a Board member for a publicly traded water treatment company, Thermo Energy and worked as an advisor to a venture capital firm 21-Ventures. Prior to his water years, for nearly a decade, as a Director at a semiconductor technology start-up (Jordan Valley), Dileep managed technology and product development that resulted in a successful product for thin-film metrology using x-rays. Dr. Agnihotri holds a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Rochester. He holds another Master’s degree in Physics. He has published dozens of articles and has holds more than a dozen issued patents in his name. 

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