Eli Oklejas

President, FEDCO

In the early 1980s Eli Oklejas was chief R&D hydraulic designer and head of the R&D lab at Union Pump Company. After becoming frustrated with the system complexity associated with piston-type energy recovery devices, he proposed development of a turbocharger device that boosts the feed pressure booster by using brine hydraulic energy. Eli co-founded Pump Engineering, Inc. where he served as president and led the effort to develop turbochargers for RO applications until his departure in 1996.  


He founded Fluid Equipment Development Company in 1997 to develop enhanced turbocharger units and high-pressure SWRO pumps. This effort culminated with the introduction of several series of high-pressure feed pumps, turbochargers and novel RO system designs and control concepts. Eli holds numerous patents in pump design and RO system optimization and control. 


Eli continues to serve as president of FEDCO with a focus on developing a creative team of design engineers, business process experts, manufacturing specialists and sales engineers to continue development of innovative and sustainable technologies. 

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