Ger Bergkamp

Head Business Development, Climate Investor Two, Climate Fund Managers

Ger Bergkamp is Head Business Development for Climate Investor Two with Climate Fund Managers. He is responsible for developing transactions focused on water, sanitation and oceans. He is also the President and CEO of ARCOWA, advising on sustainable development and strategies and investments in the water sector. Previously, he was Executive Director of the International Water Association, Director General of the World Water Council and Head of the Water Programme at IUCN – The International Union for the Conservation of Nature.  

Dr Bergkamp is a recognized leader in water and environment sectors with over 30 years of experience in sustainable development focusing on solutions for world-wide water challenges. He has supported colleagues in over 40 countries as the CEO of international organisations, programme director, scientist and as a private consultant focusing on institutional change, programme and project pipeline development and reviews, sustainable finance and working at the science, policy, business interface.  

Dr Bergkamp’s experience in water and environmental solutions includes, amongst others, local water resources management, (inter)national water policy and institutional change, water related finance and investments and applied scientific research and innovation. His special areas of expertise include optimizing water resources for human and environmental needs, water and climate change using green and grey infrastructure, and water-utility management. 

As a manager and CEO, Dr Bergkamp has been instrumental in developing world-wide institutions, initiatives and project-pipelines in water infrastructure and management. He is the author of several books and reports and speaks and facilitates regularly at international events focusing on transitions and innovations in the water sector and beyond. In doing so, he helps to initiate, inspire and invest in global water security, sustainable development and climate relevant infrastructure. 

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