Ian Ross

Technical Director and Global PFAS Practice Lead, Tetra Tech

Ian Ross, Ph.D., is a Technical Director and Global PFAS Practice Lead at Tetra Tech. He has focused solely on PFAS management for the last 7 years after first evaluating solutions to manage PFOS in 2005.  

Ian is a biochemist by training and works for Tetra Tech as a technical expert for assessment of contaminated land sites and PFAS decontamination. He has experience with PFAS chemistry, biotransformation, fate and transport, development of conceptual site models and use of multiple physical, chemical and biological treatment technologies. Ian has published over 30 articles, academic publications and book chapters on PFAS analysis, site investigation and remediation, including a recent book entitled “Emerging Contaminants Handbook”. He was the first to develop and use the total oxidizable precursor (TOP) assay commercially and has acted as expert witness for governments looking to manage PFAS.  

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