Digital Futures Symposium

Data Accessibility

Hosted by GWI’s Utility Performance Network

Session 1 – Data Accessibility

26th August 2020 | 8am BST

Digital solutions have been key to many utilities’ ability to weather the immediate crisis of COVID-19 by enabling real-time remote monitoring and control of plants and networks, and by safeguarding continuity of service, staff safety and customer satisfaction. These solutions will also be key to water utilities’ future successes and ability to build resiliency, with advanced digital solutions and data-driven decision increasingly coming into play. 

There is a new wave of promising digital innovations on the horizon, but many of these solutions will require a level of digital maturity utilities have yet to realise or achieve that will necessitate collaboration with digital solution providers to help bridge the gap. 

In this session early adopters walk through the building blocks of their digital strategies towards advanced data analytics, share insights into the corporate change management strategies which have supported their digital journeys, and demonstrate the lessons learned and best path forward for a new cohort of utilities. 



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