Digital Futures Symposium

New Pathways To Digital Partnerships

Hosted by GWI’s Utility Performance Network

Session 2 – New Pathways To Digital Partnerships

30th September 2020 | 3pm BST

The digitisation of the global water sector has been characterised by the disruption of traditional business models. As more utilities face budgetary constraints in the wake of the pandemic, the impetus to manage the risk of new investments in digital offerings and smart systems is greater than ever before. Service- and performance-based contracts are growing in popularity, but procurement challenges remain. 

Traditional procurement models struggle in the world of digital solutions, in which products are rarely directly comparable, compatibility with pre-existing systems is more important than finding the lowest price, and the end result of a project is often not visible from the starting point.   

Focusing in on New Pathways to Digital Partnerships, this session asks how leading early adopters are doing more with less in the execution of their digital strategy. 

Session Chair


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