Transforming Water in the Middle East Series​​

Water and hydrogen for a sustainable future at Neom​

Hosted by GWI’s Policy and Projects Network

Water and hydrogen for a sustainable future at Neom

As investors look to capitalise on a growing demand for hydrogen fuel, Saudi Arabia’s Neom new city development has given the go-ahead for a $5 billion PPP project which will produce green hydrogen from desalinated seawater. These new developments signal not only the growing importance of water technologies in the future of the energy industry but a new dynamic to the water-energy nexus: one with renewable water and renewable energy working together to power growth without resource constraints. 

Water Sector Head, Gavin Van Tonder, shares details of the project and process which will define the next steps in Neom’s strategy combining renewable energy with water, demonstrating new ways of managing utility supply using the latest in modern technology. 


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