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6th October, 08:00 - 09:30

Digital Agility: Industrial Facility Water Challenges

Part of the Digital Agility meeting series

Increasing water scarcity and strict sustainability initiatives, coupled with changing consumer demands, are driving industrial production facilities to invest in digital optimisation strategies. The COVID-19 pandemic further propelled the need for remote monitoring and maintenance, particularly in industries with declining numbers of staff.

This online networking meeting will address key water challenges that are being faced by industrial production facilities and the ways in which digital solutions can help optimise water management. Examples of these challenges will include:

• Water balance/consumption management
• Energy and chemical usage
• Operational flexibility
• Asset management
• Process control and consistency
• Effluent compliance
• Remote operations to lower staff requirements

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Corporate Water

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Utility Performance

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Date & Time (CT)
18th August, 09:00 - 10:45

Challenges & Opportunities During the Semiconductor Manufacturing Boom

Due to a global chip shortage, the semiconductor manufacturing market is experiencing an unprecedented boom. To meet the demand, semiconductor manufacturers across the globe are both expanding and upgrading their existing facilities and constructing new sites. This places further pressure on water management and treatment systems, presenting a unique mixture of challenges and opportunities.

This GWI Network meeting will focus on:

  • The chip shortage and rapid manufacturing expansion of both advanced and legacy sites
  • Sustainability, climate change & the water energy nexus
  • Increasingly strict regulatory environment
  • Technology challenges and their impact to water

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Corporate Water

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Chief Technology Officer

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Panel Discussion

Key Meeting Participants

Intel, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, ON Semiconductor

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