The New Future of Water:
How NEOM can change the water industry

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Monday 27th September, 5:00 – 6:30pm KSA

It is time to change the game for the water sector. We know that our current approach is no longer sustainable with the Earth’s limited resources and will lead to shortages, and conflict, in the future. 

We have an opportunity to turn this negative into a positive through the introduction of a new model that builds a sustainable future for all. We can do this by minimizing water costs, eradicating waste and preventing pollution. This means recycling 100% of wastewater, a net-zero footprint, renewable energy and sea-water mining. For water must stay where it belongs – in the wild.

That is the scale of NEOM’s ambition. And in Saudi Arabia on September 27th, we will launch our vision to change the future of water – during an online symposium hosted by the GWI Network.

Just imagine if the old rules and legacy systems no longer applied. That will be the discussion taking place during the event. We will consider a post-carbon future and ask questions such as:  

  • How would you design water systems, if energy was an unlimited resource?
  • What if we could find all the materials needed for modern life washing up on our shores?
  • What if there really was no waste and everything we did contributed to a better world?

The symposium will bring together the leading thinkers involved in water, energy and mineral resources from around the world to discuss new thinking and solutions. Register your interest to be the first to find out more about this meeting.


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