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Upcoming Opportunities in the Brazilian Water Market

Wednesday 25th August, 11am – 12:30pm GMT-3


The market for private sector water and wastewater concessions in Brazil is red hot right now, with new legislation supporting a front-loaded investment programme aimed at universalising sanitation services by 2033, at a cost of $125 billion. GWI is hosting an interactive virtual meeting with key players in the country to help you unlock the potential of this lucrative market. A panel discussion with state-owned and private water operators, national development bank BNDES, and representatives from the legal community will guide you through the opportunities and pitfalls, and will be followed by a networking session so you can make the contacts you need to get ahead. 

Join our panel of experts to learn the answers to these questions and more: 

  • How is the new legislation accelerating Brazil’s roll-out of water and wastewater infrastructure?
  • What opportunities are on offer, and how are they being structured so as to maximise value?
  • How can non-Brazilian players position themselves to add value in this fiercely competitive market?
  • André Pires, CFO, Aegea Saneamento
  • Luciene Machado, Head of Sanitation Project Structuring Department, BNDES
  • Fabio Abrahão, Director of Concessions and Privatization, BNDES
  • José Guilherme Souza, Head of Infrastructure, Vinci Partners
  • Ricardo Szlejf, Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure Latin America, CPP Investments
  • Percy Soares Neto, Executive Director, Abcon
  • Marcelo Marchetti, Partner, Toledo Marchetti Advogados 
  • Guilherme Albuquerque, Head of Infrastructure, NAVI
  • Roberto Barbuti, CEO, CORSAN
  • Neurisangelo Freitas, CEO, CAGECE
  • Eduardo Tavares, Planning Secretary, Amapá State Government
  • Carlos Brandão, CEO, Iguá Saneamento
  • Gesner Oliveira, CEO, GO Associados
  • Teresa Vernaglia, CEO, BRK Ambiental

Agenda (Times in GMT-3)

  • 11:00am – 11:30am – Panel 1: The enabling environment and the realities on the ground
  • 11:30am – 12:00pm – Panel 2: Engaging the international community
  • 12:00pm – 12:15pm – Roundtable Session 1
  • 12:15pm – 12:30pm – Roundtable Session 2
  • 12:30 PM – Open Networking

Meeting Format

This meeting will begin with three fishbowl style panels featuring expert speakers from the region.

The session will then breakout into virtual roundtables. Speakers will lead tables of 6-8 in tightly focused discussions on what is new and trending in the Brazilian water market. 

  1. Choose a topic and join the table
  2. Meet the host and table guests
  3. Participate in an intimate, face-to-face exchange of ideas
  4. After four table rotations, you’ll leave the session with a new set of contacts, a meeting set up for later that day and a step towards your next deal.


How to Register

Attendance at this meeting is exclusively available to GWI Network members.

GWI Network members have already been invited via. email. If you are interested in attending this meeting you can find out more about becoming a member by clicking the button below.

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