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9th December, 07:30 - 09:00

Digital Desalination: embracing digital tools for design, commissioning and optimization

Despite the fact that seawater desalination may be the most complex water treatment technology, the industry has been surprisingly slow to embrace the new and innovative digital monitoring and control solutions now available. However, the recent growth of seawater RO – particularly as the Middle East transitions from thermal to membrane technologies – has led to an increased interest in performance optimization tools within mega-plants, to ensure competitive water tariffs.

A growing number of plants are employing machine learning, artificial intelligence and digital technologies in order to monitor plant performance and respond to changing feedwater quality. These technologies have already started to demonstrate their ability to optimize energy and chemical consumption to reduce OPEX, while new design software and digital twinning are facilitating commissioning and improving plant safety. In this meeting, the GWI Network will explore the different digital opportunities in seawater desalination, bringing together those working on plant design, commissioning and security, plant performance optimization, and predictive maintenance.

Get acquainted with the panel participants, following the link below to watch a series of short company introduction videos. These will be the starting point for our practical, solutions focused series of panel discussions, in which Tom Pankratz will act as moderator, highlighting similarities, bearing differences, and challenging assumptions regarding the implementation of digital solutions in the desalination industry. Click here to navigate to the company introduction videos

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