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29th March 2022, 16:00 - 17:30

The Future of High Recovery

In recent years, improvements to membranes and hydraulic equipment have made high-recovery RO a practical and cost-effective option for improving the process of desalting water. A growing number of companies are using this new generation of hydraulic equipment to produce new system configurations capable of maximising recovered water volumes while minimising pretreatment and energy requirements.

After an introduction to various high recovery technologies and systems, our expert panel will explore both the financial and environmental impacts of high-recovery desalination, and the lessons the seawater and ZLD sectors could learn from the brackish water space. Speakers will evaluate savings in both OPEX and CAPEX, the implications for facility footprint and performance, as well as water savings and waste reduction.

Key questions addressed by our leading panel experts:
• What has changed to make high pressure RO a practical possibility in seawater applications?
• What can be learnt from the brackish water desalination industry?
• How does energy use weigh up against the benefits of high recovery RO?
• What are the implications of new technologies for the feasibility of zero- and minimal liquid discharge?
• How can high salinity brine streams be managed?

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