Digital Desalination - Meeting Highlights

Watch: Eli Oklejas, President of FEDCO, explains to Tom Pankratz how digital integration is built into their RO systems from the conception, with a focus on simplicity.

Watch: Alfonso Rodriguez, VP Process Automation at Schneider Electric talks about how they use digital twins to optimise plant design and reduce CAPEX costs.

Watch: Thomas Altman, EVP Innovation & New Technology at ACWA Power explores how ACWA’s treatment operations for 6.4 million cubic metres of daily capacity leverage data driven solutions.

Watch: If jet engines use digital twins, why not desalination plants? Julio de la Rosa, Middle East Dev. Director, Acconia, and moderator Tom Pankratz, Editor of the Water Desalination Report, discuss.

Watch: Dr. Cosima Sichel, Manager of Business Development in the Water Industry at Siemens AG runs through the advantages model-based systems can have over AI solutions.

Watch: Devesh Bhadwaj, CEO, PANI Energy delves into his ‘software-as-a-service’ model and brings up case studies that highlight increased efficiency and decreased OPEX costs.

Watch: Eli Oklejas, president of FEDCO takes questions from the audience at this GWI Network digital desalination online meeting, getting into high recovery seawater RO rates as high as 52%.

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