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16th December 2021, 07:00 - 08:15

Water Without Carbon (Eastern Hemisphere)

Part of the Water Without Carbon meeting series

Meeting 1: 07.00 GMT

How will the water sector reach net zero emissions? It used to be an academic question. It is not any more. This year’s COP 26 meeting in Glasgow has brought water’s role in the Race to Zero into focus, setting a target for utilities serving 500 million people to commit to net zero emissions by the Cairo meeting in 2022. On top of that many municipal and regional political leaders are looking to stay ahead of their national counterparts by announcing aggressive timetables for emissions reductions which include their water operations.  

On the one hand this responsibility for climate change mitigation looks like an additional burden for the water industry when the costs of climate change adaptation are rising by the day. On the other hand it is a tremendous opportunity for both utilities and their supply chain to reinvent the industry, reducing energy costs, embracing new technologies and financial models, re-engaging with customers and re-evaluating the value proposition  

The purpose of our Water Without Carbon pathfinder workshop is to bring together the industry’s key thinkers to identify that opportunity, and determine the strategies which might deliver it.  

The kick-off meeting is a 75 minute interactive workshop with four parallel workstreams. The aim of each workstream is to engage all participants in active discussion, when you complete the form please select the workstream in which you feel you can add most value:

  • Utility pathways: How are the leading utilities delivering net zero?
  • Mobilising the supply chain: How can contractors and suppliers make the difference?  
  • Project financing: What are the opportunities in climate change finance in water?
  • Technology needs: How can we address water's tech needs in getting to net zero?

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